Jewish Tour to Denmark

Jewish Tour to Denmark

12 days Jewish Tour to Denmark

Jewish Tour to Denmark – from Vikings to a Heroic Rescue

Copenhagen Jewish tours

Denmark is a little country with a spectacular charm. Often overlooked, this land is the birthplace of the Vikings, the site of a daring Jewish rescue during the Holocaust, and the inspiration for most of the world’s best-known fairy tales, written by its native son, Hans Christian Andersen. It is also the place where Momentum’s President was born and raised.

You will see a country with fields, dunes and heather-lands, small villages, and vital cities, swinging modern culture and ancient traditions dating back to the Bronze Age.  From the magical Tivoli Gardens, lit up like a starry night, to the modest birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen, you will feel like a child again. Sail on a faithfully reconstructed Viking vessel, bicycle through an island town whose very air brings peace to the soul, and learn about the tolerant Danes, who not only saved its Jews during WWII – stealthily sailing them, by night, to Sweden – but welcomed them all back, with open arms.
On the twentieth anniversary of Momentum’s founding, we created a beautiful gift wrapped up in a small package: A legendary country called Denmark, also known as one of the happiest countries on earth.  Each day will bring a different delight to children of all ages, and each year we change the program a little. Bring the family, and celebrate! Denmark welcomes you with open arms.

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Tour Information
12 day Jewish tour to Denmark
Copenhagen – Elsinore – Malmo – Roskilde – Aarhus – Skagen – Silkeborg – Odense – Svendborg – Aeroe – Copenhagen
Duration: 12 days
2023 Departure:
June 1 – June 15
Price Per Person:
$4,990 Land Only
$1,450 Single Supplement
Copenhagen, 3 nights
Radisson Collection Royal Hotel
Aarhus, 2 nights Royal Hotel
Skagen, 2 nights Color Hotel
Silkeborg, 1 night Radisson Blu Hotel
Svendborg, 2 nights Stella Maris Hotel
Copenhagen, 1 night Admiral Hotel
11 breakfasts (B)
Included Highlights:
Rescue of the Danish Jews
Set Sail in a Vikingship
Life in Denmark from 1800 to 1970
Rebild National Park and July 4th celebration
The Painters of the Skagen Art Colony
North Sea Coast and the Highland
H. C. Andersen’s Home and Museum
Castle and towns on the Isle of Fyn
Cycling on the Island of Aeroe
Deluxe and First class hotels
Breakfast daily at the hotels
All taxes and fees
These departures are guaranteed (10 travelers minimum).
No deposits are required!
Pre/Post Tours:
We can accommodate pre/post tour arrangements in conjunction with this departure.
Passport & Visa:
No visa is required for this departure.  Always make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months after the tour ends.
Not Included:
Optional pre, post or other private tour arrangements
Services not mentioned
Meals not mentioned
Expenses of personal nature
Travel insurance (strongly recommended)
Jewish tours to Denmark


Day 1 Thursday Arrival in Copenhagen

Velkommen to Denmark!  Begin your Jewish Tour to Denmark adventure with a tour in the proud capital, Copenhagen. Pass the lively Town Hall Square en route to Christiansborg, home to the Danish Parliament. Stroll the grounds and visit the small Jewish Museum, prominently placed next to the Royal Danish Library. Walk past the former Stock Exchange and Naval Church, both dating back to the 16th century. Continue by coach to the Nyhavn Canal, a picturesque city landmark. From here, walk to Amalienborg Palace, the official residence of the Royal family.

Continue along the harbor to the Resistance Museum. Here, an exhibition tells the story of the German occupation during WWII, including the unique and heroic rescue of the Danish Jews. Next, meet Hans Christian Andersen’s “Little Mermaid,” gazing across the waters (yes, she is little). After a short drive, arrive in the Latin Quarter for a visit to the Main Synagogue and the adjacent Round Tower (its large, golden letters are meant to be Hebrew – the name of G-d). A brief climb to the top (no stairs) brings gorgeous views of the downtown area.  Now, time to return to the hotel and unwind. In the evening, visit the famous, festive Tivoli Gardens, illuminated like a fairy tale. Radisson Collection Royal Hotel.

Day 2 Monday Copenhagen

Today, follow one of the rescue routes taken by the Danish Jews in October 1943. Drive north along the coast towards Elsinore. In Nivaa, stop for a surprise visit to one of several hidding places used during the rescue operation. In Elsinore, stop at its castle, famous setting for  Shakespeare’s Hamlet. Here is the narrowest point between Denmark and Sweden. Rescue vessels, camouflaged as fishing boats, departed north, south and west of the town, where guards held less control. After a walk on the ramparts of the Kronborg Castle. Continue to the Gilleleje, one of the main gathering points for Jews on their way to safety in Sweden. Here, a tragedy unfolded as hundreds of Jews and Resistance fighters were hidden in the parish church. Their hiding place was revealed to the Germans, and 100 Jews were captured. Despite this tragic setback, Gilleleje continued to play an important role in both rescue and resistance. From here, drive back to Copenhagen via the forested route, passing the beautiful Renaissance Castle, Frederiksborg. Arrive in Copenhagen in the late afternoon. Radisson Collection Royal Hotel.

Day 3 Tuesday Copenhagen – Roskilde

Do you have a little Viking in you? Today is packed with glorious, hands-on activities, as befitting a real Norseman. After a short drive to Roskilde and a brief introduction, find yourself in a Viking crew, setting sail in a real ship built in the old tradition. Learn how to steer, raise the sail, and use the oars. During this hands-on experience, you will gain a profound knowledge of the nature of life onboard a Viking ship. Continue to the Lejre Research Open Air Museum, where the Iron Age, Bronze Age, and Viking Era all come alive. Here, browse among traditional housing and costumed interpreters performing various roles, and learn about the early cultures in Denmark. Return to Copenhagen in the late afternoon. Radisson Collection Royal Hotel.

Day 4 Wednesday Copenhagen – Aarhus

This morning, depart Copenhagen and drive to the northwestern tip of Sealand, where a ferry awaits. From here, cross the waters of the Kattegat and arrive in Aarhus, the second largest town in Denmark. Visit Den Gamle By (The Old Town) where city life from the days of Hans Christian Andersen to the 1970s is on living exhibit. This is a vivid, colorful way to see and walk through history, with staff dressed according to the different historical periods. Later in the afternoon, check in at the hotel in the center of town. Aarhus is a charming University town, and students of all ages enliven its streets. Royal Hotel.

Day 5 Thursday Aarhus

Begin today with a visit to one of the most unusual museums. The Moesgaard Historic Museum has developed an interactive way of making the past come alive. The exhibits focus on the early days in Denmark, ending with the Viking period. Here, you can come face to face with the actual “Grauballe Man,” who died (probably as a human sacrifice) in the Bronze Age. He is astoundingly well-preserved due to being thrown into a peat bog (it’s a long story, which you will hear).

In addition, the Museum features a fascinating exhibit on death, showcasing how cultures worldwide have different approaches and remarkably different attitudes when it comes to the end of physical life. Later, enjoy a walk in the lush gardens of Marseillesborg, one of the summer residences of the Queen of Denmark. While it is a royal residence, it is open to the public when the Queen is not in town. Enjoy the remainder of the day at leisure. Royal Hotel.

Day 6 Friday Aarhus – Rebild – Skagen

Are you ready to travel the world in the space of one small country? First, enjoy the tranquility of a original Japanese garden, the largest in Europe and a gift from the Emperor of Japan. Later, continue to the Rebild National Park, purchased and preserved by a group of Danish emigrants to America, paying tribute to their homeland. In this beautiful, hilly, heather country, the Fourth of July is officially celebrated each year – with the participation of the Danish Royal Family, the U.S. Ambassador, and other American dignitaries. Starting at the Log Cabin (a tribute to Lincoln), begin an easy, scenic, and peaceful walk through this park.

In the afternoon, arrive in Northern Europe’s largest sand dunes (Raaberg Mile), reminding one of the endless vistas of the Sahara. After a walk in the dunes, a few minutes’ drive takes you to Denmark’s northernmost town, Skagen.  This coastal spot has been a favorite fishing hamlet and vacation destination for centuries. Check-in at the hotel, and blend in with other vacationing Danes in this charming town. On this Jewish tour to Denmark, welcome Shabbat in a place with no Jewish traditions or sites. Color Hotel.

Day 7 Saturday Skagen

Skagen is all about the sand. This area is dominated by its drifting dunes and closeness to the sea. Begin with a visit to the “Sand-covered Church,” a 14th century structure that, through the ages, has gradually become buried — so only its tower is visible. It is a visual record of the power of nature. Next, time for an unusual experience at Denmark’s northernmost point. After an easy walk, step into to the point where two bodies of water meet. Here, the Skagerak and the Kattegat Seas actually blend together, a remarkable phenomenon that you can both see and feel.

Next, return to Skagen and visit the Skagen Museum, devoted to an Artists Colony that put this area on the map. Besotted by the beautiful light, a group of painters came to live in Skagen around 1900. The result, the “Skagen School,” represents the most important art in Danish history. Remainder of the day is at leisure – maybe try a delicious Danish ice cream (even the cows are happy) or hand-made fishcakes, made from the local catch. Color Hotel.

Day 8 Sunday Skagen – Lonstrup – Finderup – Silkeborg

So much history in such a small country! The first stop today is Lonstrup Beach, located on the Western shore of Jutland. The rugged North Sea and winds have formed a landscape of barren lands and jagged cliffs. Here, fishermen still use the tides to bring fishing boats onto the beach, and their traditions have been preserved. This atmospheric setting was chosen for the Academy Award-winning Danish film, “Babette’s Feast.” Continue to Viborg, once one of the most important towns in Denmark, where the first Royal Coronation took place in the early 11th century.

Canute the Great (variant spellings include Cnut and Knut), the conqueror of England, may well have been crowned King in Viborg. A few centuries later, King Erik Klipping (Erik the Cut-Rate) was forced to sign a charter that limited the power of Kings. This resulted in a turbulent fight, in which poor King Erik was assassinated in a barn south of Viborg in 1282. This was the last assassination of a King of Denmark. See the monument for the incident, still standing in the village of Finderup.

Now, continue towards the Highlands of Denmark and ascend to one of Denmark’s highest points, humbly named the Sky Mountain. It is not the tallest, but an added tower offers spectacular views of the surrounding area. Time for a short walk to the tower and climbing to the view before continuing the quaint town of Silkeborg. Check-in at the hotel in the historic center, which has been converted from a former paper factory. Time to relax in this friendly small town. Radisson Blu Hotel .

Day 9 Monday Silkeborg – Odense – Svendborg

Fairy tales can come true. This morning, your Jewish tour to Denmark stops in Fredericia for a visit the oldest Jewish cemetery in the country. By order of King Christin IV, Fredericia offered religious freedom to all Christian denominations and Jews, making the town an early home for the Jews in Denmark. Later drive though the scenic highlands on the way to the Isle of Fyn and its main town, Odense. Odense will forever be associated with its favorite son, Hans Christian Andersen, who was born here. An enchanting new museum devoted to his life and tales has recently been completed. It offers an array of impressions and details (including the many mattresses of “The Princess and the Pea”) and is a delight for all ages. From here, walk though the Old Town to Hans Christian’s actual birthplace and his childhood home. One room was shared by the entire family and also served as his father’s shoemaker shop. Like that of so many artists, it was a humble (but clearly inspiring) beginning.

Later, drive to the Egeskov Slot, a Renaissance Castle beautifully set amidst gardens and moats. There is plenty to do here, including getting in and out of the labyrinthine maze. From here, a short drive takes you to a hotel that embodies the Danish definition of luxury. Stella Maris Hotel de Luxe.

Day 10 Tuesday Svendborg – Aeroe – Svendborg

A wonderful day in the “Danish Caribbean.” This morning, board the ferry to Aeroe, a spectacular small island with a well-preserved character. Upon arrival,  enjoy a walking tour in picturesque Aeroeskoebing. Next, time to try a true Danish pastime, bicycling.  A pleasant ride takes you along paths and small roads to Marstal, a laid-back small town, formerly an important site for shipbuilding. Continue by coach to explore other parts of the island, before returning to the ferry in the late afternoon. Travel back across the water with impressions of an innocent and simple way of life, still available in the 21st century. Stella Maris Hotel de Luxe.

Day 11 Wednesday Svendborg – Copenhagen

Time to leave beautiful Fyn Island and cross the Big Belt Water back to Sealand, where your journey began. Return to bustling Copenhagen, this time staying in the harbor area, a lively neighborhood close to many sights and the famous pedestrian street. Enjoy the afternoon at leisure for your own final shopping, people-watching, or one last Danish ice cream. Admiral Hotel.

 Day 12 Thursday Copenhagen – Home Flights

Like all fairy tales, this magical Jewish tour to Denmark must come to an end, leaving many lasting memories. Carry the happy spirit of Denmark with you as you transfer to the airport and check-in for the flights back home to the USA. Farvel Danmark – vi ses snart igen!

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