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Build Your Own Jewish Tour

Design your own Jewish Travel experience

Designing your own tour can be simple and rewarding when you have Momentum Tours as a partner.

Use our many years of experience and in-depth knowledge of destinations all over the world so you can focus on the exact content desired.

Programs can be created for you and your loved ones – or just a few friends travelling together for a special occasion.

How it works

Beginning the process is as simple as contacting us – by phone (+1 305-466-0652) or filling out the simple form below:

    With a little basic information in a dialogue, we can begin the process.

    Please let us know specific places or events to include, especially if you wish to visit a former ancestral homes or travel to a festival, etc.

    Our “Build Your Own” program gives you the opportunity to have an expert help you make the tour of your choice. If you have an idea, but you  are not sure how to make it a reality, let us help. Use the pages below for inspiration and contact us anytime.

    For Your Inspiration

    Jewish Tours to Prague

    Central Europe

    Central Europe is a delight for Jewish travelers. From the fascinating and authentic city that created Kafka, to the sensuous, rich feel of Hungary and the old-world sophistication, music and coffeehouse culture of Vienna, you will feel spoiled with sensuous delights in every destination read more…

    Jewish tours to Speyer


    Germany means painful memories to many people. But for the educated Jewish traveler, few places can be more significant. Jews have lived there for centuries. The great scholar, Rashi – lived in Worms, Berlin, currently the city in Europe, also represents a developing story in German-Jewish relations…

    Jewish tours to Tangier Morocco


    Jewish people may have misgivings about visiting a Muslim country, but beautiful Morocco is not only safe, it is welcoming. Even with the decline of the Moroccan Jewish population after the formation of Israel, Jews have continued to live here, eating kosher food, attending Jewish…Read more

    Synagogue in Tykocin


    The Jewish presence in Poland dates back more than 1,000 years and about 70% of Jews have roots leading back to Poland. Communities were found all over the country and while Warsaw and Krakow are the most  frequent visited sites, Poland has a lot more to offer Jewish travelers….Read more

    Jewish tours to Sintra Portugal


    Take a look at our choices for Jewish travel to Portugal, with or without Spain. Our focus on the tours is to showcase the contribution of Portuguese Jews to the arts, philosophy, commerce and sciences that helped create the rich cultural heritage of this nation… Read more

    Jewish Tours to Scandinavia


    Scandinavia has a lot to offer to Jewish travelers. Their societies that are rated as the best — in terms of personal happiness — in the world. Indeed, Scandinavians are famous for their lifestyle of  comfort and coziness, best embodied in the Danish concept of hygge

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