Jewish group tours

Tailor-made Jewish group tours

One-of-a kind-programs for communities, federations, congregations, educational facilities, and extended family missions

Jewish group tours for everyone within the community. Let us help you arrange a Jewish heritage itinerary for your select group of travelers. Whether you are looking to arrange a traditional mission, heritage tour, educational program, or a strictly kosher trip, let us be your partner. We are confident, we can make your journey convenient, meaningful, and worry-free.

How it works

Our group division creates one-of-a-kind programs for each request. We do not believe in “one size fits all,” but customize programs in a dialogue with your representative. Brainstorm with us about touring, special visits, catering requirements, selected accommodations, meetings and lectures, etc. Our focus is to understand and respect your ideas so the journey becomes unique.

Popular requests include Germany, Poland, the Baltics, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Moldova, Romania, Spain, and of course Israel. We also arrange fulfilling Jewish itineraries in Morocco, Russia, France, Italy, the British Isles, South America, and beyond.

Regardless of the destination, we are experienced in making your dream a reality.

A group consists of 10 or more travelers. If you are planning a tour for a party of 9 or fewer, please go to our individual travel page instead.

Creating a custom program is a process. We begin by asking for some basic information about the program you have in mind, and welcome you to mention unique requirements.

Basic information includes: When the tour will take place, how many days, featured countries and sites, specifics regarding meals, common interests, special arrangements, and group size (estimated).

To begin the process, please call us at 305-466-0652. You can also use the  contact us page or email us at

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