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Jewish heritage tours

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Momentum’s cornucopia of great Jewish Heritage tours has the qualities a tour should have: Style, comfort, and insight into Jewish heritage in the past, present and future. Our groups are intimate, and are the best choice for travelers. Our company’s mission is to offer “insiders” tours for the discerning Jewish traveler.

Choose among our set departures (“Tours”), or tailor-make your own itinerary to destinations such as Eastern and Central Europe, Poland, Germany, the Baltics, Sandinavia, Denmark, Ireland, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Moldova, Romania, Morocco, and beyond. We serve organizations, educational institutions, congregations, individuals, and families (“Tours For Organizations” or “Private Travel”).

Select your option:


Select from our array of signature Jewish tours, featuring destinations which are rich in Jewish heritage.


Create an unforgettable one-of-a-kind tour for your congregation, community group, organization, foundation, or school.


For small groups of friends or family, who want a private, tailor-made, and carefree option to fit your interest.

Current Featured Tours

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As we know, our beloved Israel is not the same after the horrific events of October 7th.  Come and understand the challenges we face in sustaining our beloved homeland and its evolving challenges. Be inspired and informed in meetings with leaders and insiders…Read more

Fountain Fes cemetery


Jewish people may have misgivings about visiting a Muslim country, but beautiful Morocco is not only safe, it is welcoming. Even with the decline of the Moroccan Jewish population after the formation of Israel, Jews have continued to live here, eating kosher food, attending Jewish…Read more

Italy Jewish Tours in Piedmont


Northern Italy is an untapped treasury of Jewish history and culture. Driving through the Piedmont, Emilia-Romana, and Veneto regions, from the snow-capped Alps to the beaches of the Adriatic, enjoy a part of Italy that boasts not only centuries of Jewish heritage but a gorgeous array of … Read more


Take a look at our choices for Jewish travel to Portugal, with or without Spain. Our focus on the tours is to showcase the contribution of Portuguese Jews to the arts, philosophy, commerce and sciences that helped create the rich cultural heritage of this nation… Read more

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