Jewish family tours to Israel

Jewish family tours to Israel
For families with children celebrating their Bar and Bat Mitzvahs this year, there is no more meaningful experience than a trip together to Israel. This brave little country conveys every message you could ever want to transmit – loyalty, courage, persistence in the face of obstacles, and a deep faith in the past and eternal survival of Judaism. Our children offer hope for the future, and Israel deeply loves them! They will have a great time rafting down the Jordan River, snorkeling in the Mediterranean, riding jeeps in the cool Galil, or simply floating in the Dead Sea. This trip offers food for the soul, nachas for parents and grandparents, and lots of enjoyment for everyone.

Day 01 Thursday USA
Departure from the USA.

Day 02 Friday Tel Aviv
Arrival to Ben Gurion Airport. Welcome Home to the land of Israel! Transfer to Tel Aviv, which means “Hill of Spring” – a beacon of hope and renewal to Jewish people everywhere. En route, we pay a visit to the exciting new Mini-Israel exhibit. Next, enjoy an orientation city tour of Tel Aviv. What an enormous feeling of pride – this bustling city was built with blood, sweat and tears out of desolate sand dunes. It is hard to imagine that the entire country is only 55 years old! Return to hotel to prepare for Shabbat Welcome dinner. Hotel.

Day 03 Saturday Tel Aviv
Full Israeli Breakfast. Enjoy the Sabbath Day at leisure to relax on the beach, stroll, or simply inhale the joy of being in the promised land. After Shabbat, we will spend an evening in the charming port of Jaffa, or Yafo (which appropriately means “beautiful” in Hebrew). This ancient city, one of the world’s oldest, has an exotic, artistic flavor – it is simply enchanting. Dinner.Hotel.

Day 04 Sunday Tel Aviv -Haifa – Tiberias
Full Israeli Breakfast. Today, we begin with a visit to the quietly moving Independence Hall, where Israel’s Declaration of Independence was signed in 1948. We will also visit the Diaspora Museum, exploring the migrations of our people worldwide. Next, we will depart Tel Aviv, driving along the glittering Mediterranean coast. We are heading to Caesarea, whose amazing archaeological sites, including a Roman amphitheater, recall the city built by Herod the Great. Afterward, we will travel to the vital port of Haifa, a breezy city (third largest in Israel), stopping en route to hear the heart-stopping story of Atlit. In Haifa, we will ascend Mt. Carmel, for a panoramic view of the glorious Bay. Next – Tiberias – one of the four “holy cities” of Israel (the others being Jerusalem, Hebron, and Safed), and capital of the “Galil,” as Israelis call it. Dinner. Hotel.

Day 05 Monday Galilee-Safed -Tiberias
Full Israeli Breakfast. Today, we will explore the northern regions of Israel, the Galilee and the Golan heights. Our day begins with a visit to Kibbutz En Gev. Afterwards, enjoy a thrilling Jeep ride in the Golan Heights that will take us to the point where we can see the borders of Syria. Next, find yourself rafting down one of the sources of the Jordan River – an unforgettable experience. Next, we will explore Safed’s ancient synagogue and wonderful artists’ quarter. Feel the atmosphere that draws spiritual seekers from all over the world, following which we will return to Tiberias. Dinner. Hotel.

Day 06 Tuesday Tiberias – Massada
Full Israeli Breakfast. Today, we drive south along the Jordan river to the remarkable archeological site of Beit Shean, where we will visit the excavated amphitheater. Crossing the Jordan Valley, we proceed to Qumran, where the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered. Lunch in Qumran. Then, on to the refreshing Oasis of Ein Gedi, set amidst the dry desert land, to enjoy its delightfully cool ambiance. See its waterfalls, greenery, and lower pools of clear water. Next, continue along to the Dead Sea. Remainder of the day to enjoy the magic of floating weightlessly in the therapeutic, mineral-rich waters and perhaps indulging in the famous, rejuvenating “black-mud” spa treatments at our luxury resort, splendidly located on the Dead Sea shore.Hotel.

Day 07 Wednesday Dead Sea – Massada – Eilat
This morning we will rise early before the day’s heat to greet the dawn at Massada – one of the most touching sites in Jewish history. Ascending by cable car, we will see the site of the final, courageous standoff of a small group of Jewish zealots against the cruel domination of Rome. Later, return to the hotel for Breakfast. Departure for Eilat, the Gold Coast of Israel, where well-traveled international tourists flock for sun and fun. As we drive through the Arava region, stop at Kibbutz Yotvata, which specializes in turning dry desert land into delicious milk products! Continue to the Hai Bar Wildlife Park, and be stunned by the natural geological beauties of Timna Park and Solomon’s Pillars. Arrive in Eilat in the early afternoon. Enjoy the remainder of the day at leisure in our fine hotel. Dinner. Hotel.

Day 08 Thursday Eilat
Full Israeli Breakfast. Today is devoted to the enjoyment of Eilat, Israel’s southernmost city. Visit the Coral World Underwater Observatory, and learn about the abundance of sea life that enriches the waters here, making it a marine biologist’s -and/or snorkeler’s -paradise. Remainder of day at leisure for individual activities – snorkeling, scuba (or “snuba” – Israel’s user-friendly answer to those who can’t decide!), windsurfing, glass-bottom boat, visiting the “Dolphin Reef” – or simply lying on the world-class beach and reflecting on the infinite variety of Israel’s natural blessings. In the evening, enjoy an elegant dinner. Hotel.

Day 09 Friday Eilat – Jerusalem
Full Israeli Breakfast. Why is this night different from all the others? Because tonight, we are going to experience Shabbat in Jerusalem! En route, we will travel through the Negev, visiting Mizpe Ramon (where we will learn more about this fascinating, up-and-coming region and Kibbutz Sde Boker (final home and self-chosen burial site of Israel’s first Prime Minister David Ben Gurion). Upon arrival in Jerusalem (appropriately, after crossing the desert), we will stop at Mt. Scopus for a touching, panoramic view of the city of our dreams. Here we will say the blessing of “Shehecheyanu,” thanking God for bringing us to this special time and place. Check-in at the hotel. Later, transfer to the Wall for the welcome of Shabbat in the place where all prayers are heard. Private Shabbat dinner, full of all the joy that our arrival in Jerusalem can bring. Hotel.

Day 10 Saturday Jerusalem
Full Israeli Breakfast. Today is at leisure to simply enjoy the Sabbath peace in this holy city, or join us for a walking tour. We will visit Heichal Shlomo and the Great Synagogue, Yemin Moshe, the Montefiore Windmill, Mishkenot Shaanamin and the Liberty Bell Garden. As night falls over Jerusalem, enjoy Dinner and a lively evening atmosphere. Hotel.

Day 11 Sunday Jerusalem
Full Israeli Breakfast. Our sightseeing will begin with a visit to the Old City, entering through the Dung Gate to the Western Wall. Next, on to Mount Moriah, where we will visit the Jewish Quarter and the Roman Cardo, now an upscale shopping arcade. Then, we will proceed to Zion Gate in Mount Zion, paying a visit to King David’s Tomb and the City of David. Later, continue to Mea Shearim, home to generations of devout Jews, living much as they our ancestors did in pre-Holocaust Europe. Next: an inspiring Bar and Bat Mitzvah ceremony. Return to our hotel for a Celebration: Barbecue/ShishKabob Dinner and Party with live music! Hotel.

Day 12 Monday Jerusalem
Full Israeli Breakfast. Our sightseeing today will begin with a drive to the Knesset (Israel’s Parliament), where we will see the awesome Menorah, symbol of Israel, and where our children may pose a question or two to Knesset members. Next, we will travel, via Hebrew University, to the wonderful Israel Museum. Afterward, we will proceed to Yad Vashem, the profoundly moving museum of the Holocaust, and of the Righteous Gentiles who did all they could to save Jewish lives. We will pay our respects at the Children’s Memorial. We will also pay tribute to our fallen Jewish soldiers at Mt. Herzl cemetery (where Herzl and Rabin are buried, among many dignitaries), visit the Holyland Museum (which features an exquisite model of old Jerusalem) and enjoy the magnificent Chagall Windows at the Hadassah Hospital. Dinner. Hotel.

Day 13 Tuesday Jerusalem – Home Flights
Full Israeli Breakfast. Today, we will go to the Haas Promenade, for a final, spectacular view of Jerusalem. After Lunch, we will continue, via Ein Karem village, to the Keren Kayemet Forest, planting trees so that our beloved land will continue to grow. We will also visit the military museum at Latrun, commemorating the strength and struggles of Israel’s precious armed forces. Then, back to our hotel for our Farewell Dinner. Later, transfer to Ben Gurion Airport for the home flight. “Lehitraot” – We will see you again, Israel. You are always in our hearts and souls.

Day 14 Wednesday USA
Arrival back in the USA.

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