Magical Morocco is open again

Magical Morocco is open again


Magical Morocco is not only beautiful but also welcoming. This exotic country has enjoyed the influence of Jewish life for centuries, incorporating it into its very fiber. During the Holocaust, King Mohammad V famously refused to betray who was Jewish to the Nazis, saying: “We are all Moroccans.”

Even after the formation of Israel, Jews have continued to live and thrive here. Unlike so many other countries, Jewish cemeteries are meticulously tended, often by Moroccan “shomrim” (custodians) who take their duties seriously. Most cities in Morocco feature a Jewish Quarter (or Mellah), and many were the birthplace of some of our most prominent Rabbinical scholars and Kabbalists.

Jewish tours to Morocco

For 2022, we have created 2 incredible tours that offer travelers insights to the Jewish sites along with the mystique that Morocco is known for. Some places, are especially fascinating to the Jewish traveler, and others are unique sights that must be seen. These tours has it all.

CASABLANCA is home to the largest Jewish population in Morocco, who worship in a variety of synagogues, eat in kosher restaurants, socialize at Jewish Community Centers, and attend Jewish schools. The Jewish Museum showcases gorgeous treasures, and the Foundation of Jewish-Moroccan Cultural Heritage is unique in the Arab world.

TANGIER & TETOUAN. Jews have been living in these port cities since the Phoenician era. In Tangier, visit the bustling Medina with its exotic shops, and the lovely shul on the Synagogues Street – whose very name attests to the rich Jewish presence here. Tetouan is home to the largest Mellah (Jewish Quarter) in Morocco. This beautiful, white-washed city was home to many of the prominent Rabbis and Scholars of Morocco.

FEZ was renowned during the Middle Ages for its Talmudic studies and eminent Rabbis (including Maimonides), as well as its Islamic scholars. Numerous synagogues testify to the presence of the Jewish community here. En route to the Jewish Quarter (Mellah), you will also pass traditional Muslim study centers (Medersas). It is wonderful, and unique, to witness the centuries-long closeness between two cultures. Fez is also home to one of the largest Medinas in the world.

Tangier Synagogue
Fez Jewish Tours

SAHARA. The rarest travel experiences can be found in golden sands of the Sahara. As you drive past endless dunes, imagine stopping at a Oriental-carpeted oasis, where you can dine and rest in tented luxury, then ride into the desert in a caravan of camels. Every dusk brings a divine spectacle: the sky turns radiantly colorful, then awesomely starry, as the sun sets over this fabled desert.

ESSAOUIRA. One of the loveliest places in Morocco, Essaouira is a multicultural mecca that has captivated household names like cinematic genius Orson Welles and the Rolling Stones. It continues to lure creative souls to its whitewashed fishing village, trimmed with the brilliant azure of the skies. Essaouira is a center for Moroccan artists and musicians, and the site of the popular music festival called “Gnawa” (an old North African spiritual art form). Stroll around the Jewish Quarter (Mellah), the well-kept Jewish cemetery, and visit two historical synagogues (Chaim Pinto & Simon Attias), that have undergone restoration and have now been rededicated.

MARRAKESH. A longtime trading hub and cultural crossroads, Marrakesh is adored as “the Pearl of the South.” With its winding streets, colorful homes and shops, and fascinating energy, it is a cosmopolitan, world-class delight that has long mesmerized celebrities – from rock stars to business magnates — from around the world. The chic French influence in Marrakesh is palpable, blending the city’s African feel with the culture of Europe. One unmissable sight is the delightful Majorelle Garden, created by Yves Saint Laurent, who kept a villa in Marrakesh. Another is the bustling Djemaa El Fna Square, packed with everything from storytellers to snake charmers. Marrakesh’s Jewish community, like many in this part of the world, specialized in commerce and handicrafts, and there are still some prominent Jewish families here. Its Mellah, Slat Al Azama Synagogue, Jewish Center, and well-preserved Jewish cemetery are all testimonies to the tolerant nature of this ancient city.

Luxury tent camp in Sahara
Marrakesh Jewish Tours

What country offers a touch of Arabia, a touch of Africa, the starry Sahara desert (with a luxurious tent camp experience), a beautiful Sephardic presence, an exemplary royal family, and a sweet, welcoming populace?

Only Morocco.


photography: © Yonatan for Momentum Tours & Travel, Inc.

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