Is Travel Safe?

Is Travel Safe?

Is Travel Safe? The short answer is YES. That comes as a great relief, since travel has been restricted since the spring of 2020, in the USA as well as around the globe.

Today, with the prevalence of immunized people world-wide, not to mention the waning of the weaker Omicron variant, our lives are returning to a new normal as far as travel is concerned.

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For now, masks continue to be used in areas where crowds gather – entertainment venues, public transport, airports, etc. Some countries still enforce travel bans or limitations, often demanding proof of negative tests to enter (the USA does this). As we reach a new scenario with Omicron in decline, travel will have fewer and fewer such restrictions. Caution and good sense are always recommended.

Since we are often asked Covid-19 related questions, we would like to share some of our thoughts with you as conditions improve:

  • Our suppliers abroad are vaccinated and will only serve vaccinated clients. Keep vaccinations and boosters up to date.
  • Some countries are now eliminating Covid-19 restrictions; others continue to keep restrictions in place. Commonly, countries require negative tests before entry (or re-entry to the USA). Always check in advance with your travel company.
  • We have all adjusted to wearing masks, and they might still be required at places such as theaters, museums, hotels, or restaurants. Come prepared by traveling with an approved mask.
  • Be smart and buy travel insurance to protect you if you do get infected and require assistance or must quarantine. (Insurance can be purchased with or without cancellation policies. At minimum, you should purchase a post-departure policy). We offer insurance on behalf of TravelSafe.
  • If a country is in lockdown, it is not recommended that you travel to it – unless you are there solely for personal/ family reasons and not seeking to visit large attractions.
  • The CDC constantly updates travel guidelines, so always check their recommendations.
  • More and more countries are expected to eliminate travel restrictions. Instead, they will offer a post-Covid experience where masks are no longer mandatory.
  • Always feel free to contact us with any questions – call 1-305-466-0652.

Is Travel Safe? Yes, with these tips in mind, welcome back to the rewarding world of travel!

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