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Zamosc Market Square

Jewish tours to Poland. Our Jewish tours to Poland's living Jewish heritage will begin and end in Warsaw, will take us to Lublin, Sandomierz, Tarnow, Krakow, Lodz. The tour, which includes a visit to Auschwitz-Birkenau and sites of Jewish heritage and memory, offers unique... Read more

Prague Jewish Quarter

Jewish Tours to Central Europe. Including Budapest, Vienna and Prague. Central Europe rank high on the list for Jewish travelers. Budapest, Vienna and Prague rank indisputably as 3 of Central Europe's most culturally glorious cities. This tour is historically and visually rich,... Read more

The Alhambra Palace

Spain – a Jewish Heritage Tour. Espana” is an exquisite symphony of experience, with a vital connection to world history and enduring Jewish heritage. This timeless land of explorers vibrates with the colorful passions of swirling flamenco and guitars; you will find its deep... Read more

Israel Opera at Masada

An Israel music and art celebration. This is the tour for every music and art lover. Israel boast of creative expressions and has more musicians per capita than any other nation. Add to that the amazing number of artists that keeps adding to the cultural wealth of the country.... Read more

Courtyard in Krakow

From Roots to Revival - Jewish tours to Germany and Poland. Germany and Poland represent the epicenter of the Holocaust. But the two countries also count as the major places in Jewish European history. These are traditionally Jewish homelands and the contribution to Jewish life... Read more

Germany sm

Jewish tours in Germany - Roots, Ruins and Renaissance. Germany means painful memories to many people. But for the educated Jewish traveler, few places can be more significant. Jews have lived there for centuries. The great scholar, Rashi – without whom understanding the Torah... Read more