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A cornucopia of sophisticated Jewish Heritage Tours and other Jewish Travel choices. All have the qualities Jewish Tours should have – style, comfort, and insight into Jewish heritage in the past, present and in the future.  As usual, our groups are intimate and our experiences truly select. All these tours are “insiders’” tours – for the discerning Jewish traveler. Choose among our set departures or choose to tailor-made your own travel in destinations such as Central Europe, Poland, Germany, Spain, Italy and France .
We serve individuals, families, organizations, educational institutions and congregations.

Zamosc Market Square

Jewish tours of Poland : A 1000 years of History. This is our most complete Jewish tour of Poland! Our Jewish tours will begin and end in Warsaw, taking us to Lodz, Krakow, Rzeszow, Lancut, Zamosc, Izbica, and Lublin. The tour, which includes a visit to Auschwitz-Birkenau and... Read more


JEWS OF PERSIA (our Jewish tours of Iran): For centuries, Jews have lived and thrived in Iran. And although the number of Jews living there today is less than it was at its height, Iran is still home to approximately 10,000 Jews. Iran, in fact, is the only country in the Middle... Read more

Jewish Heritage tours in Spain

Jewish Heritage Tours to Spain. "Espana” is an exquisite symphony of experience, with a vital connection to world history and enduring Jewish heritage. This timeless land of explorers vibrates with the colorful passions of swirling flamenco and guitars; you will find its deep... Read more

Germany sm

Jewish tours in Germany - Roots, Ruins and Renaissance. Germany means painful memories to many people. But for the educated Jewish traveler, few places can be more significant. Jews have lived there for centuries. The great scholar, Rashi – without whom understanding the Torah... Read more

Courtyard in Krakow

From Roots to Revival - Jewish tours to Germany and Poland. Germany and Poland represent the epicenter of the Holocaust. But the two countries also count as the major places in Jewish European history. These are traditionally Jewish homelands and the contribution to Jewish life... Read more

Spain Cordoba plaza

Jewish tours of Spain and Poland Two Sides of a Golden Coin – Legacies of Sepharad and Ashkenaz. Sepharad. Ashkenaz. Jews tend to see themselves as one or the other, and yet our culture reflects both – from the bagels and babkas that originated in Europe to the sensuous... Read more